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Prebiotic Soda

The Daytrip Effect

When you drink a Daytrip prebiotic soda, you help the good bacteria in your gut stay healthy resulting in a wide range of benefits like a boosted immune system, improved digestion, less anxiety and more mental clarity.

Happier is Healthier.

At Daytrip, we believe a great beverage does more than just quench your thirst.

Infused with our uplifting proprietary blend of terpenes, elderberry and 5g of clean prebiotic fiber, this crisp and effervescent beverage is a delicious way to boost your mind-gut connection. Daytrip Prebiotic Sodas are certified USDA organic and provide 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C in each can.

It’s like a rejuvenating journey for your gut and mind. Try it today and be on your way to a healthier you!